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Step inside between the bricks! Artamus Cameron and the crew talk about everything from wild parties in the past to today's most important current events. Receive an inside perspective on the lives of Artamus Cameron, Ben Smith, Aaron Suffridge, Josh "Big Bird" Jett, and some special guests.
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Mar 20, 2018

The Fall of Facebook has started and it's falling faster than anyone could have possibly predicted. This will change everything, mark our words (no pun intended). Also, some interesting reports from JJ on the drama in the gym.

Mar 13, 2018

We have been proven right time and time again. Google, Facebook and YouTube have taken note of our content and have loosely referenced them in multiple public release statements. Google is the gatekeeper and wants to make the decision for you on the content you see. Someone has to try and fight this.

Mar 7, 2018

Google/Facebook/YouTube are now eating their words regarding their acceptance of pedophiles, as Facebook was recently caught asking users odd questions involving pedophilia related actions. We quickly recap this situation. Also, we take a closer look at the Parkland shooting and what really went on during the process. Specifically, the role that Uber played in all of this. Should they be held accountable? Why aren't they being held accountable? All of this and more on this content packed episode of The Artamus Cameron Experience!

Feb 28, 2018

Due to recent issues we've had with YouTube, this will be the last video podcast that we upload to YouTube. From now on, this episode and every other episode we produce will be uploaded to

In this episode we discuss the ongoing Speech Censorship Campaign that YouTube is forcing. Also, we discuss David Hogg. A Student Activist who has been gaining fame quickly.

Feb 21, 2018

In this episode we discuss a touchy subject: The Pedophile Acceptance Movement that is currently being pushed by some on the far Left. Also, we take a look back at a popular internet video called "blank room soup".

Feb 14, 2018

In this episode, we give an update on the missing (and later dead) Crown College Student, Blake Smith. Also we introduce our newest segment: Missing Person of the Week. What's all this hype going on about GameStop and the Circle of Life? What about microtransactions? We go all out nerd on this podcast and try to explain.

Feb 7, 2018

In this episode we discuss the ethics and morality of Cockfighting: One of the Philippines most popular "sports". Also, we give our investigative opinions on the recent disappearance (and death) of a Crown College student. 

Jan 31, 2018

Through some fan interaction, we have received some unconfirmed reports from people that say Smallpox is still in Bangladesh. Also, JJ's kitchen renovations are finally complete!

Jan 24, 2018

Everyone knows that Smallpox no longer exists... Right? Well, we examine the facts behind vaccinations and how (or... if) Something can truly be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Also, JJ's kitchen is still not finished. 

Jan 16, 2018

In this episode, we revisit many things. Specifically from school years. We also discuss the No Child Left Behind act of 2001 which was finally put down a few years ago. This episode contains some sensitive dialogue.

Jan 9, 2018

Remember that "art" performance video that went viral about 8 years back? No? Yeah you do, it's the one with the Spaghetti-O's. We revisit a cult classic and give our inputs on it. After all, art should be interpreted any way you want it to. Also, we give a quick preview on the upcoming episode about Gastric Bypass/Sleeve surgery and why no one should have it done.

Jan 3, 2018

In this episode, we discuss why parents should not post any photos of their kids to social media. Also, we dive into the very manipulative and deceptive techniques that social media is using to gain trust and develop a relationship with each individual. We also discuss Arty's job search. JJ has an opinion and Arty doesn't take it well....